Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tesco

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Tesco’s Ownership Tesco’s ownership is a PLC which means Public limited company. Because of this Tesco can easily expand and therefore go global, this is because, if they are a PLC then anyone from around the world can buy shares in that company, thus meaning that Tesco has more capital to invest In their company or other branches around the world, this also causes them to be global. Advantage One of the major advantages of Tesco being a public limited company is the fact that they would have a good status; this is because shareholders would want more dividend/yield from their shares and so they would be spreading the word about Tesco, in addition to this, the more shares people buy the more capital Tesco has to invest in their company to expand it and create other branches. Disadvantages This graph shows that the share price for Tesco has dropped, although this may affect the shareholders more, this would affect the capital made, thus meaning that they have less capital to invest in the company. Another disadvantage of Tesco being a PLC is, the other companies could have the chance to buy Tesco’s shares and take over the company no matter how slight the chance. The size of the company Tesco is a global company; this means that it has branches in many countries all over the world. This shows that Tesco has branches in over 14 countries and at least two continents, this would vastly increase the revenue made and therefore profit made, however this could also increase the
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