Advantages And Disadvantages Of Textbooks

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Nowadays,many people use the electronic products in their daily life. With the advance of phones, tablets, and e-readers, electronic textbooks have become a popular reading standard. Electronic textbooks is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a computer screen. In the world,electronic textbook at school is increasing steadily. While electronic textbooks sales continue to increase,some people say that electronic textbooks are becoming more popular, but printed textbook remains top choice but some people like to read electronic textbooks more than printed textbook. Is electronic textbooks are better than traditional print textbooks? The anwer may not be simple as there are both advantages and disadvantages…show more content…
We can download the information from the internet.(Maynard and Cheyne, 2005) It is very comfortable function. For example, we can download the articles from the internet at any time and place. Moreover,we can use electronic textbooks to read many articles and no need to keep the traditional print textbooks so electronic textbooks are also save the space and environmentally friendly. We can save the world because we reduce the felling of trees .We also can read and study anywhere on anything and it can help people to reducing carrying heavy textbooks.(Shepperd, J.A., Grace, J.L., & Koch, E.J. 2008)

Another advantage is electronic textbooks benefit the user physically, academically and psychologically. Student can reducing carrying heavy conventional textbooks, the use of e-Books brings a lot of impacts. Electronic textbooks can compress the contents of a conventional textbook. It can help student to compress the traditional print textbooks burden. Physically, the reduce weight can help the students to grow healthily. Student only need to bring the e-books and then go to school. It help them to grow up more comfortable. (Embong, A.M., Noor, A.M., Hashim, H.M., & Shaari, Z.H.
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