Advantages And Disadvantages Of The 13 May 1969 Racial Riot

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The 13 May 1969 Racial Riot is the topic that has been chosen for this second journal entry. Malaysians absolutely have been informed about the tragedy that happened on the 13th of May 1969. It was regarding to the racial riot between the Malays the Chinese that broke out after the opposition parties which were the People’s Action Party and Gerakan obtained encouraging victory after the 1969 Elections and had impacted the history of our country in a negative way. Furthermore, it had once been a very serious matter until the YDPA had to declare Emergency based on Article 150 of the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia. These days, unity is a very serious problem among Malaysia citizens. This matter is now worrying even though it is the most crucial thing in the process of building our country and for me, it has a great deal of advantages for the Malaysians. First and foremost, unity can strengthen the relationship bond between all races in Malaysia and can make our country to be in peace and harmony. Thus, chaos that sometimes can lead to bloodshed will not easily occur. Besides that, this tragedy can help the eyes of the Malaysians to be widely opened and make them realize about the importance of unity in their lives so that Malaysia citizens can take some precautionary steps in order to be well-prepared if there is any racial riot broke out in the future. Additionally, one of the ways to reinforce the unity amongst the Malaysians is through the educational system.

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