Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Adversary System

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The adversary system has lots of different aspects, such as the role of the parties, the role of the judge, the rules of evidence, and legal representation. There are possible reforms the adversary system could have to improve the system. There are many advantages to using the adversary system but also many limitations. One of the roles the parties has is to learn about the rules of evidence and procedure used in the adversary system, so they can present their case in accordance with the rules. The parties are responsible for preparing and presenting their case, using their evidence in the most effective manner. The parties are also responsible for other things in trial such as; Instituting the proceedings, choosing whether or not they want a jury ( this choice is only available in civil cases), and choosing if they want legal representation in court. One of the advantages of giving the parties these roles is that they should feel empowered to find the best evidence and arguments they can to try prove their case and expose the truth. Another advantage is that using this system is not very expensive for…show more content…
Parties should always obtain legal representation to help prepare and present their cases in the most effective manner, and to ensure that their case abides by the rules of evidence and procedure. You can choose not to have legal representation, but you will most likely be at a big disadvantage compared to a party that does. Having experienced legal representation can also give the party an advantage to help question witnesses and obtain verbal evidence, therefore, helping find the truth. For trials held in higher courts, parties typically get two people to help with legal representation. They have a barrister who helps with presenting the case, and a legal practitioner who helps with preparing the case. Each party does have a right to legal representation, which is good, but not all parties can afford it as it is expensive, which does leave them at a
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