Advantages And Disadvantages Of The African Union

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The African Union is one of the world 's most dominant intergovernmental operations. The AU has clearly had reasonable achievements through its direct contribution and partnership with the international body to resolving and decreasing conflicts in some of the region’s hotbeds. This essay will cover its successes as well as weaknesses in terms of strengthening its ties amongst the member states through social, economic and political matters. The African Union came about in July 2002 and consists of 55 member countries. The African Union has succeeded in developing cooperation and unity inside Africa as a whole, taking into consideration its efforts towards reducing conflict and improving democracy. The African continent is working towards not only in peace as well as security, but is also blooming in areas such as culture; education; trade both in and out the African continent and continuing to place importance on the growth and empowerment of women. It is dedicated to giving strength to people centred within the Union through active communication of the programmes of the African Union, the branding of the Union and engagement of Member States and other stakeholders in defining and performing the African agenda. The African Union works hand in hand with leaders and diplomatic heads from the United States of America, European Union. It gets aid from other countries around the world to deliver on its promises of peace and health for all African citizens which so far has been
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