Disadvantages Of The Arapaho Tribe

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Advantages/Disadvantage of the Arapaho Tribe Geographical Location As early as the 1600’s, different civilizations have experienced hardships because of geographical location. The Arapaho Tribe endured numerous situations which resulted in, sometimes problems unwanted. Despite some disadvantages at hand their distinctive gut of wanting to explore more parts of the world made them an effective defender. As a result of their high placements in the mountains, it had resulted in a well defensive play. With a well defensive home comes difficult decisions to make based on weather, food, and weaponry. The Arapaho Tribe were strong and formidable people who secretly had warrior societies. During November 1864, a small village of Cheyenne and Arapaho…show more content…
Another way that it is used is for prayer offerings towards religious ceremonies and at war councils. During the Buffalo War the Indian tribes killed over 65 million white hunters. For the simple fact that the whites trying to take away their way of living at which they didn 't condemn into. Although it may seem that Arapaho tribe lived uncomfortably despite that their homes was called tepees . The Arapaho lived in tepees which the women made from bison hide .Before they were sent to reservations, they migrated often, chasing buffalo herds, so they had to design their tepees so that they could be transported easily. “The tepee suited the nomadic lifestyle of the Arapaho tribe as it was quick to erect and easy to dismantle.” These tent-like homes were constructed from wooden poles that were covered with waterproof animal skin. For example they used hides and the teepee was a cone shaped with a flaps, the inside of the tepees had limited furnishings. They used buffalo hides for seating. A hearth was built in the center of the tepee for cooking and heating. Most tepees were approximately 12 - 16 feet in diameter at the base. When the Europeans came to North America, the Arapaho saw the Europeans’ horses

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