Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Archive

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4.0 RECOMMENDATIONS For the recommendations, I think every archive in this world should upgrade their technology into the latest technology. Every archive must follow the changes of the era. As we know, there is lots of technology that can be used. For example, the system that have been used by the archive. Usually the system used to key-in the data of records and it is one of the way to kept the records of archival materials permanently. Plus, by using technologies the archives itself can decreased the space used. For example, the old trends of archives is every archives must have more than one rack that filled with files, and in the file contain data of archival materials and for sure the archives need to considers spaced for the racks and for me it is not really efficient. So, the archivist and the staff in the archives must always get prepared to changes the old or traditional archives to modern archives for the goodness. Plus, by using technologies it also will change the way archivists done their work, which is the most important people in the archive. Archivist will easily to retrieve or to find the records they want without time consuming. For example, with existent of computerize database, it can replace the traditional way in catalogue the archival materials, which is, the old archivists, usually will using hand-written catalogue. Not only that, after they done the catalogue, they need to keep the card catalogue into the files, and for me, it is a lots of work to
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