Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Britain Constitution

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Constitution is necessary for the coordinating of a state as it involves the fundamental rules and regulations in which a state exists . However the Britain constitution involves a written foundation such as the statutes. It is one of the few that is not written down in a single document . As an idea by Blick, it is due to the absence of a serious moment in the history, such as a revolution or an independence that has made Britain transformed the constitution to the level codifying it. However, two of the most important regulations of the Britain constitution are known because it is much based on Parliamentary Supremacy (means that Parliament can, if it chooses, legislate contrary to the fundamental principles of human rights) and the division of powers (meaning that Parliament, as opposed to a written constitution, it is the highest source of law in the United kingdom and that the executive, the legislature and the judiciary powers would be divided among themselves. Additionally, the possibly existence of only a few other countries in the…show more content…
First of all, the precise content of the constitution would be difficult to determine. This is due to the unwritten sources of the constitution such as conventions that while constituting an extremely important source, mostly undefined and not legally binding. It is suggested that it would be advantageous to gather the conventions on a specific subject together, preventing them from losing their flexibility while accommodating some of the advantages of codification such as clarity and organization. However, it would be an obvious disadvantage to include them in the constitution as legally binding obligations, as they are not only difficult to define but they would also lose their essence of binding purely on a non-legal

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