Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Communicative Approach To Learning

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Communicative competence is one of the vital abilities required for not only a successful career but also a happy life. Generally our Syllabi at the Schools don’t ensure that the students learn English in the proper order i.e. LRSW. Speaking is not given due importance in schools. So in spite of spending about fourteen years in learning English many students are reluctant to converse in English. Their main problem is that they are afraid of making mistakes and cutting a sorry figure in front of their peers.

II. MISTAKES ARE POSITIVE ATTEMPTS: This problem is addressed/solved by the Communicative approach because in this approach committing mistake is considered as an attempt to learn. This is a very positive approach to learning. If the teacher trains the class to be tolerant towards mistakes and to correct the mistakes of their less fortunate peers instead of jeering at them, even the diffident learners will blossom in the conducive ambience. 1
Communicative approach is a learner centered approach. It overcomes the drawbacks of the structural approach. As M.L. Tickoo writes in his book “Teaching and Learning English,” structural approach is a teacher centered one. Structural approach (syllabus): This approach makes use of selected grammar Items and structures (sentence patterns, tenses) and their best arrangement(s) to

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