Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Economic Blockade

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o Qatar imports most of its food, through land, sea and air. When the economic blockade took place. It has closed the only land border Qatar shares with Saudi Arabia. This means that now Qatar has to operate like an island. Higher costs are the outcome as many essential goods such as food and medicine had to be imported through air as an emergency step to maintain the standard of living of the citizens of the country. We can see this as a clear disadvantage. However, Qatar can now use this opportunity as a wake up call. Qatar has announced the import of cows ”A Qatari businessman is planning to airlift 4,000 Holstein dairy cows into the country as part of efforts to maintain milk supplies” and the increased investment in local produced goods. Even consumers are now more aware, the use of nudge theory along with consumers has made them far more interested in local products than imports from blockading countries. This can be shown positively in the current account in the future and insures food security in the long-term. • Second point As the economic blockade was imposed, it caused short-term worries and tensions to arise in the economy. It has resulted into the expats sending their savings abroad. transfer of large amounts of money that wealthy individulas into their overseas banks. losing confidence in the currency which resulted into exchanging the Qatari riyal into other currencies such as Dollar and Euro ,and lastly blockading countries selling their Qatari riyal

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