Advantages And Disadvantages Of The English Language

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Communication is an essential part of the person 's or community 's identity. Language acquisition is a fascinating process which is created within the human being 's mind and it has many secrets yet to be discovered. All language developed through the centuries because of many reasons some are political other are social or economical to meet the need of people in different times through the centuries, so does the English language which started as a dialect in England, then become one of the most used language even between people who do not share the same mother language (lingua-franca). Many sociolinguists believe it is coincident that makes English an international language, however others believe that political, economical and social power of the people in those countries made it what it is today. The English alphabetical system has characteristics that help to acquire language more easily, but it also has its downsides because of many irregularities that cause some difficulties for the children to acquire language more easily.
The way children learn language affects his language skills that allow him to communicate in a more productive way and deliver his message in a more coherent and effective way, which means that the parents, society and the community around him affect the child language use in his early years and later in his life, so there is a truth in the traditional saying that "it takes a whole city to raise a child". Knowing the advantages and

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