Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Maranao Culture In Filipino Culture

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A. MARANAO CULTURE IN ARRANGE MARRIAGE Nowadays in Maranao culture, when it comes to arrange marriages, only old generation women agree to cooperate with their parents’ demand, they are the one who submit and accord to arrange marriage. Arranged marriage is a method of matchmaking that some countries observe before. But not in all cases, the soon-to-be bride and groom have the right to reject their families’ chosen mate especially in Maranao culture because in reality, there can be enormous familial pressure that the man or woman should agree to an arranged marriage once both families have determined the match to be a good one. There are reasons why Maranao are fond of fixed or arranged marriage, and the three most common reasons are; it strengthens…show more content…
ADVANTAGES OF ARRANGE MARRIAGE There are several advantages that come with arranged marriages. One is that in in today’s society, marriages do not mostly fall to forced marriage because nowadays, women are well educated and are not scared anymore to stand and fight for their rights especially regarding marriages. They are knowledgeable enough about marriage in Islam that they use it as an excuse to their parents or family when they are forced to marry a man that their parents chose for them. Another advantage is the risk of incompatibility is eliminated because before parents choose someone for their child, they ensure first that the individual they have chosen is compatible to their child’s attitude or personality, religion and culture. They also ensure that the individual they have chosen came from a family with same status as them. It is a vantage because by considering these factors, communication between the couples will be easier. Next is there is a low risk of divorce. Aside from divorce is discouraged in the religion Islam, it is less likely to happen since both individuals are from the same culture and has the same beliefs or views about marriage. And also, parents are very careful in choosing and selecting their children’s partner to ensure their safety and successfulness of the

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