The Pros And Cons Of The Open-Concept Office

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In modern-day, some employees hate the open-concept office, and reflect many weaknesses to affect their work. In the Daily Mail, Innes (n.d.) has a research statement, if someone’s working in open-concept offices, that they’ll take 62% more sick each day. This’s one of the causes, why employees hate the open-concept office. Then the other cause’s noisy, because it affected the working efficiency for employees. However, the open-concept office’s many disadvantages, but it’s chosen to use by more companies. In that, it mentions four reasons why the companies are continuing to use the open-concept offices, then it relates to among personal, work and environment. First, relationship’s an important in the workplace. It’s because employees always contact with many people, then if they want to understand the other one, so they must communicate with them. Through to the open-concept office, employees have more opportunities to talk or interaction (WSUP, 2013). Then the progress of talking, employees must honesty to treat for others. Honesty isn’t a real thing, and it’s about…show more content…
Epstein (n.d.) said that some companies used the open-concept offices, is to attract and retain the best employees. Inasmuch as they attach importance to technology, and accept the change and the method of assistance. In future, there’ve a lot of changes, they need to accept. I agree the open-concept office plan. For example, most of the workers said that they reflected a lack of privacy, so their job satisfaction had declined. Actually, it hasn’t too much privacy, if they’re continuing to use the private office, they’ll lack of communication with others. Many people said that it’s too noisy and affected their work, but there didn’t grasp solutions; therefore, it needs to cooperate with each other. According to these points, it can improve skills, and to using helpful in the

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