Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Qin Dynasty

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as well as the ministers. They confiscated the lands and gave them to the peasants to eliminate aristocracy. In order to build up and strengthen the centralization of government, Shi Huangdi embarked on an ambitious campaign of standardizing currency and weights and measures. The laws were strict and harsh in this unified empire. Death was the penalty for any corruption by the government servants. The Legalists also believed in centralization of thinking, that any non-Legalist ways of thinking such as Confucianism and other school of thoughts could lead to disruption and revolution. So teachers were executed and all their books were burned. The Qin dynasty is also strict about commerce and see mercantilism as a form of infection or parasitism.…show more content…
He ensured that the Qin dynasty will not fall in any war. Under his command, the Great Wall of China was constructed to protect the dynasty from the Mongols and other invaders. The population grew thus minimizing numerical disadvantage in war. He standardized the military equipment which is the invention of the crossbow with the intention of it as being an easy-to-use weapon for anybody and for them to be an efficient killer. The Qin society also emphasized the loyalty to the ruler. In summary, living under the Qin dynasty decreased the chance of being harmed by the invaders and because the government is so imposing, it would be the same with the safety from fellow citizens. The disadvantage of this kind of governance is that some officers were afraid to report the failures of their respective areas in a fear of the punishment. This is one of the reasons behind the fall of the Qin dynasty. The supposedly great dynasty that could last for thousands of years fell just four years after the emperor (Shi Huangdi) died. The two ministers that covered up the death of Shi Huangdi assumed power and imposed much oppressive laws. This accumulated the rage of the Chinese with many uprisings being formed yet this news wasn’t disseminated to them. Thus Han Dynasty was formed. (Denlinger,

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