Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Revolutionary War

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In 1775, the American colonies won the Revolutionary war against Great Britain. The war resulted in America’s independence from Britain and contributed to major fundamental changes in American history. The Americans had a number of advantages that helped them win the war against Britain, however they also faced tremendous difficulty prior to winning the war. To begin, the Americans were outnumbered against a professional, fully equipped army of 50,000 British troops. Unlike the British army, the American army consisted of 20,000 inexperienced troops and faced desperate shortages of firearm, uniforms, and food. Although America faced many disadvantages over the powerful Great Britain, with their advantage of a home based war, help from overseas, great leadership, and the patriotism of its citizens who willingly gave their lives to defend their ideal of a country, resulted in a successful outcome. The Revolutionary war was held on American grounds, giving the Americans an advantage and a setback for the British. The location of the war presented Great Britain with fighting a war far from home. The distance caused sending troops and supplies over across the Atlantic to not only be costly, but also time consuming because it sometimes…show more content…
Unlike England, America had a very small economy and were outnumbered in troops. The Americans had difficulty raising funds to purchase supplies for their troops and firearm. However, the French involvement drastically changed the outcome of the war. The French provided the Americans with the necessary supplies to be successful during the war with firearm and supples. Frances lost in the Indian war and the continuous rivalry caused the French wanting to give the British revenge. France ultimately wanted Britain not to be too powerful and in order todo so they had to be weakened by having the Americans win there
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