Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire 1 The Roman Empire was a vast empire spanning from Western Europe all the way to Mesopotamia. The Romans had many clear advantages over the Greeks. The most obvious one being their size and power. Furthermore, The Romans were militarily superior to the Greeks (Obvious from the fact that nobody could match them at their peek). The Romans were the mightiest empire of their time, and will be remembered throughout history. The Romans were engineering genius’s when it came to roads. Even today in Europe, very few people live far from a road built by the Romans. In the dark ages, people believed those roads were built by giants, and they weren’t wrong. They were laid on gravel foundations, which allowed…show more content…
Activities such as wrestling and ball games were played by adults just as much as children. Dinner was a social occasion in Rome. Meals were enjoyed sitting on couches, although the mode modest ladies preferred to sit on a chair. Meals were also enjoyed in the company of family and friends. After the meal, games might be played with dice (Augustus was someone who enjoyed this very much). If it was a larger dinner however, professional entertainers might be brought in. Banquets were popular and served the purpose of encouraging allies or clients. Theatre was also very popular in Rome, and the first permanent theatre was built in 55BC by Pompey. Plays were performed at the great Roman games, which were called the ludi Romani and the ludi Plebei. Formal plays were enacted with very few props, and most of the writers preferred outdoor scenes so that they could be staged with any nearby building used as a backdrop. The chariot races (the ludi Circenses) was another very popular form of entertainment. First held at the campus Martius, and later at the Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus is an arena that can hold up to 150,000 spectators, and admission was usually free for spectators. In Conclusion, the Romans had the best roads in history, so great that some of them still exist today and are very famous. The Roman’s armies were also some of the greatest for their time, and their entertainment had a lot

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