Coffee Pod Machine Advantages And Disadvantages

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Senseo HD7817/69 Original Coffee Pod Machine Review 2018
If you are looking for a cheap coffee pod machine that is good but not that expensive, the Senseo HD7817/69 Original Coffee Pod Machine is definitely a device that needs a closer look. Read our review to find out if this model has the right price made for you.
Advantages and Disadvantages
The Senseo HD7817/69 Original coffee pod appliance has a convenient design and affordable price. Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of using this coffee machine.
• Delicious coffee
• Cheap price
• Easy handling
• Compact
• Prepares 1 to 2 cups in just 30 seconds
• Automatic shuttering
• Manual brew stop
• Basic features
• There is no descale indicator light
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With a width of less than 15 cm, this espresso machine is the narrowest model in the well-stocked portfolio of DeLonghi - and our Espresso Machine Test.
The DeLonghi EC 680M Dedica is an outstanding espresso machine. One of the big advantages is that you can use both normal powder and pods to prepare an espresso. Of course, the freshly ground coffee powder is recommended for full enjoyment, and you can fill it into the portafilter according to your choice and taste.
Nevertheless, if you want a fast cup of espresso the ESE pods (Easy Serving Espresso) is the way to go. Simply place an espresso pod in the sieve holder and even when using coffee powder it does not take a lot of time.
In the delivery, you receive three different stainless steel strainers. One strainer for using with the pods, two for using with freshly ground espresso powder to make one to two cups.
A small criticism is the serving spoon and tamper, with which you press the coffee powder in the filter holder. This is unfortunately only made of plastic and therefore not high quality. Also available is a milk nozzle to create milk foam for delicious cappuccino and other coffee specialties with milk

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