Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Social Model Of Health

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Social model often ensures physical and mental health and broader sphere of participating in active life. The model permits most understated discrimination of people that succeed to lead productive lives irrespective of physical damage. The disadvantage of social model is the approach that runs the threat of excessive breadth and to incorporate all life. Therefore, they do not differentiate among the state to become healthy the concerns of being healthy neither do they differentiate among “health” and “health determinants”.
In short, the biological model of health is mainly defined from the absence of disease, from the model that is well-matched with positive meanings in relation to balance of normal functioning. The social model health is actually a positive state of well-being and wholeness linked with however this is not mainly explained from the non-existence of disease, physical, mental impairment and illness (Gross, 2010). Overall the concepts of ill health and health are not balanced. Non-existences of disease might be part of health, however health is considered more than the “absence of disease”.

Lifestyle Choices Relevant To Health, How Health Status Is Perceived and Provision of Health Care Services
Human behaviour often plays an important role to maintain health and prevention of disease. With an eye to lower the considerable mortality and morbidity linked with health related issue, health professionals have twisted to models of behaviour for guiding the
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