Advantages And Disadvantages Of The South In The Civil War

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Both sides involved in the civil war had distinct advantages and disadvantages, which all played a part to decide the outcome of the civil war. The north for example, was an economic and industrial powerhouse. They also had excellent communication and transportation networks to efficiently organize their army. The south however, had a home advantage where they could get supplies from anywhere they pleased. Additionally, Southern generals were vastly superior to their northern counterparts. These are just a few of the many distinctions between these two warring nations. The first and most important advantage the north had was their heavy population. In total, the north outnumbered the south by more than 5 to 2. The north also had about 70% of all railroads in America under their control, and this allowed them to productively move soldiers and supplies rapidly around the nation. Instead of marching troops to the front line in months, generals could quickly deploy troops within days or weeks. Outstanding telegraph communications synergized with their swift transportation. All northern telegraph stations were placed under government control, which allowed them to efficiently issue commands. They were also had far much more money and industrial power. The north did have its hindrances though. Northern officers were terrible compared to southern officers. Because of their experience in the Mexican American war, southern military commanders were able to more effectively lead troops. The casualty rate between the two sides remained to be in favour of the confederates, and In some cases, battle…show more content…
With far greater military power, industrial might, transportation, communication, population, and government, there was almost no chance for the southerners to reign supreme. The south did have many huge benefits, but it was to no avail in stopping the
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