Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Sun

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How does the sun harm us? The question seems that it does not make any sense. The sun is very important and basically everything in the earth can be alive because of the sun. Sun is where every energy comes from. Sun provides the light, warmth, and energy for us. None of the creatures can live without the sun. But nothing can be perfect, so there are some disadvantages of the sun. Sun can cause sunburn, cataracts and sun also can kill the animals. There are some more disadvantage of having sun, but in this essay, there will be some information about sunburn. Then what is sunburn? Sunburn is the term for painful, sore and light pink skin that happens because of the sunlight. Sunburn does not sound serious, but it can be very dangerous for people and in the worst case, it can cause the skin cancer. At first, the skin just become darker, but after a period of time, it become red and the skin starts to peel off.

The rays of the sun can be divided as infrared light, Visible light, ultraviolet ray. The ray that cause the sunburn is ultraviolet ray. There are three kinds of ultraviolet ray; ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), ultraviolet C (UVC). We do not need to worry about UVC, because it cannot go through the ozone layer. The rays that we should care and worry about are UVA and UVB. Ozone layer cannot absorb UVA and it can go through the glass, so it can reach the surface of the earth regardless of the seasons. Also, the UVB, most of it is absorbed by ozone layer, but

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