Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tlingual Education Essay

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From the Soviet Union time the multilingualism was the one of the main direction in the education. In the Soviet Union there was Russian language and the language of the country that the people live. However, for now multilingualism consists of three languages, Kazakh, Russian, and English languages. Today every country speaks at least in a two languages and it is impossible for countries to be monolingual because of the political and economical reasons. Bilingualism and multilingualism is the normal phenomenon for any developed multinational country. In fact, only those countries with successfully developed language policy may compete and easily develop with a number of leading countries. The current study’s aim is to research the Kazakhstan’s…show more content…
The aim of this research paper is to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of trilingual educational system in Kazakhstan, children and parents’ attitudes towards education and the effects of this system for future of Kazakhstan. Trilingual education system provides opportunities to have some classes in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English. There has been written a lot of articles and studies that investigated the importance of the significant change in educational system of Kazakhstan. The issue of the language arrangement in education includes not just the matters of approach definition by the experts additionally strategy translation and allotment by educators as instructive organizations are the fundamental vehicles of dialect arrangement conveyance. This could be an expensive and at last counterproductive approach for an administration looking to seek after financial development in the meantime as it makes a feeling of state character established in Kazakh dialect and culture. However, the significant opportunity of trilingual education is rapidly growing number of young generation whose proficiency of various subjects in different languages will bring benefits in the future and put them in the advantageous position on the global level. Therefore, it will build bridge between Kazakhstan and other countries in terms of scientific arena among developing and developed countries. This literature review will combine four studies and articles of

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