Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional 401 Plans

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Regarding my employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, I partake in a traditional 401(k) plans; also known as a defined contribution plan. Furthermore, the benefits of a 401(k) plan include the accessibility to small businesses and more eligibility for employers to acquire a 401(k) plan, and additional benefits to employers and employees. In depth, employers are able to set eligibility requirements when a plan is created; moreover, employers can also restrict individuals who have less than a year of service from being eligible for the 401(k) plans (The 401(k) Advantage, (n.d.), p. 1). With this intention, employees immediately attain their own tax-deferred contributions, are able to withdraw before 59.5; however, there may be a 10% deduction penalty, do not have to pay federal income taxes until the plan is created, and employees of a 401(k) plan can also permit loans and hardship withdrawals.…show more content…
Even more, since a 401(k) plan is not insured, it is possible to lose money based on the investments you have invested in. Risky investments are meant to either result in a large capital gain or a large capital loss; however, remaining conservative will not guarantee you payout you desire. Therefore, it is recommended to spread out your investments to minimize the possible capital losses (Advantages and Disadvantages to 401(k) Plans, (n.d.), p. 1). Consequently, employers are able to limit employees on how much they would like to contribute; with this intention, the employee would not be able to save as much as he or she wants
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