Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traffic Accidents

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1 million and 250 thousand; this is the worldwide number of deaths in a year due to the traffic accidents according to WHO (World Health Organization). When we calculate this data, approximately, one person is killed every 25 seconds. The injuries caused by traffic accidents are estimated to be the eighth main cause of global death, and it can be assumed that by 2030, it will become seventh main cause according to the current trends (Road Traffic Deaths).

Traffic accidents are not causing only death, but also huge economic problems. They cause great economic losses to individuals, to their families, and to their nations. The road traffic accidents cost most of the countries 3% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is because of the cost of medical treatment, and the loss of productivity from the death or disability due to accidents. According to LA Times, “Among the total losses of $277 billion, $93 billion was in loss of
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Firstly, the advantages are that when the driver knows that there is a speed camera in certain place, it will encourage the drivers to keep within the speed limit, which will ultimately decrease down the number of people who gets injured by speeding (Smale Will). In the UK, the deaths of people and serious injuries actually decreased by 35% after installing speed cameras on the roads (Speed Cameras Reduce Road Deaths). On the other hands, the disadvantages of installing the speed camera are that it violates the privacy and a citizen’s right to face their accuser. Also, they often don’t work correctly, so if they make mistake on reading, the tickets could be generated for the false reading that innocent people might have to pay the penalty. Lastly, there is a criticism that the cameras are a moneymaking enterprise; the cameras are used for generating revenue, not for citizen’s

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