Advantages And Disadvantages Of Transformational Leadership In Nursing

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing Introduction Transformational Leadership is the moral ability of a person to make sound judgment and wise decision to influence and inspire others to perform the best outcome even in the critical situation. It is the ability to guide others not just in words, but also by example. Nurses are able to cultivate trust and harmony and establish good relationship with their patients and co-workers through effective and constant communication and intervention. They respond to the basic needs and expectation (Rousel, 2011), they set aside their personal interest for the benefit of their patients and the organization. Transformational leader promotes health care with genuine concern to consider the emotional sensitivity …show more content…

Because of this implanted motivation, nurses are reinforced to reach higher levels of growth. Nurses also feel that they are valued when transformational leaders reach out to them; they get excited to participate and share their knowledge that also contributes to strong cooperation or openness. The real benefit goes to their patients during their intervention, when transformational nurse leader listens attentively to the needs of their patients. This leadership style also increases the image and reputation of the hospital or clinic within the community that they …show more content…

However, there are certain strategies that can overcome these barriers. For instance, the nurse’s resistance to change and poor communication of objectives is overcome by constant communication of the benefits of this leadership style not just through word, but also through actions until they understand its

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