Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travel Agency

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In order to improve the marketing of the travel agency, we will find out the specific problems that the company is facing, and come up with possible solutions as following:
1. Problem:
In present, advertising in printed media and TV are not effective and expensive since it does not effectively communicate with customers.

From the social media side of the picture, you will find most of the marketing is either free or with low cost. Customers can also communicate with the company easily, therefore, choosing the correct social media platform that according to our target market. For example, we will use Facebook, Facebook page apps, Instagram, Twitter, and mobile marketing which will have the different apps to twitter our travel agency’s information to do our online advertising to attract more customers to our agency. We will also answer the questions about customers as soon as possible through online media.
2. Problem:
Disadvantages of using printed media for marketing in the Internet society.
From the picture above, it is obvious that traditional advertising can be very expensive. First, I got that printed media which cannot capture the sound and movement required by audience, raised on the audio and video of television and the Internet so that we will use some audio or video devices such as Youku or Wechat to communicate with our customers. Secondly, from the

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