Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cruising Lowdown

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5) Adaptability Nothing says adaptability more than traveling to a foreign place alone! During my 40 day solo trip, I had to adapt to places quickly, safely, and efficiently. Most employers want to know that you will be able to come onboard, learn the material, be independent, and adapt to the company’s environment- I can’t think of a better way to prove adaptability than traveling solo. As with so many things in life, travel experiences have taught me to push myself beyond what I would ever have thought possible if I had just stayed at home in the States. It can be just the same for you as an YBP who wants to see the world. Get out there to travel, study, explore and experience and by the time you get back you will be twice the person you were when you left! Cruising 101 The Cruising Lowdown Ever wondered whether going on a cruise would be something wonderful or an experience to be avoided at all costs? Take a look at the must-read lowdown on cruising… One Vacation, Many Destinations Why cruise? Well, for most people the reason for cruising consists of more than an overwhelming love of big ships. It’s more about the chance to do something completely different and the biggest plus of all is the fact that cruising can mean one vacation, many destinations – which means fantastic fun! If you are not…show more content…
Cruise during shoulder season, which falls between high and low season and boasts mild temperatures, smaller crowds and, critically, reduced rates. You can often get the same sailing at a fraction of the cost it would be during high season. Try to be smart when it comes to the time of year that you book a cruise. Cruising the Mediterranean in October will be far cheaper that in July, as with cruising the Caribbean in late fall, towards the end of the hurricane season. This does not necessarily mean a rough or stormy cruise as the ship will steer a course away from brewing storms – but it could mean a brilliant value cruise for

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