Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travelling Abroad

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The questionnaire was administered to only those Pakistanis who intend to go abroad for either work or study purpose. From the results we can see that majority people below the age of 35 years wish to travel abroad. Those belonging to the Management/Business background are most interested in leaving the country, followed by Medical then Engineering and students belonging to other disciplines like Social Sciences. More than half the people, who wish to travel abroad, claim that they are good students and have a good academic record. Meaning that students who feel they are talented wish to leave the country to further enhance their skills and utilize their talents for opportunities elsewhere. Those who intend to go abroad usually appear for IELTS and TOEFL etc. but as per the results, majority people haven’t appeared for any of these exams. Either they plan to appear for such exams at a later date or their decision to leave is not final as yet. While discussing the causes of Brain Drain, majority people strongly agree that they wan tto leave the country in order to raise their standard of living. The second most popular cause remains unstable economic and political conditions. Following this is the opportunity to earn a higher salary and then settle in a country which is more technologically advanced. People also strongly believe that Pakistan has a lack of suitable job opportunities. It can clearly be observed that majority students want to travel abroad to work rather

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