Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tv Advertising

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Advantages and Disadvantages of various types of media

Television- Most of the people spent ther entire time on tv. In fact, it has become common leisuree activity of people. Because of this it make Television advertising become more popular than print media and online.

Tv advertising expands to thousands/millions of people watching companies product. Tv advertising also give chances to small business to advertise their product as well as increase brand awareness for their business. Without tv advertising we would 'nt know about Mcdonalds. Tv commercials can persuade consumers by repeating the ads couples of time so consumers will remember. Tv ads is way better than print media and online because it provide audio, visuals and actions. It also can make cosumers easy to understand. Other than that, company have the ability to segment and organise their advertisement according to their target market. If they targetting people who like sport sport companies can choose to ads to appear in between sport channels.

Among the disadvantages of tv advertising is the cost. There 's ttwo kind of cost, one is air time rates and another one
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Online advertising can reach worldwide audience and it would be easier because peoples from other country can visit your store or viewing your product by online without any trouble. Making changes on online advertisment is easier than tv ads. Online advertisment provide services such as FAQ (Frequently asked questions). So, this saves cost and time. The visitor can have more information about the product in anytime and anywhere because internet is available 24/7. On internet, advertisment can be coded and tracked, so it would be easier for companies to know where the user came from what country, etc. So company can know if their campaign is
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