Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tv

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In 1927, Philo Farnsworth discovered the concepts of live transmission of moving pictures by zipping electrons back and forth on a screen (Vivian, 2014). Now the television has become the medium that play the important role in providing entertainment and information to its users. Vivian (2014) has categorise five types of television genres, namely sitcoms, dramatic series, reality shows, news and television documentaries.
From the five main types of television genres, our group has making the decision to do a news broadcasting video. But yet due to lack of experiences in such field most of us are required to go internet search for data or information about how to make a professional news broadcasting video. At first, we were facing the problem that some of the organisation was tried to ban us from reporting some events. For example, our reporters were not allowed to enter the festival convocation hall whereby we were just allowed to stay outside the hall. Thus, due to such situation our group decided to acquire the convocation‘s picture from the other Madah Samarahan reporters and UNIMAS official website. Other than that it is totally out of our expectation that Madah Samarahan marketing department manages to finish all the newspapers on the first day of newspaper selling. In due of such situation, we tend to change our plans by doing an interview with Madah Samarahan Marketing department.
Before the emergence of national television, radio was the only medium for

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