Advantages And Disadvantages Of Uber Drivers

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Switzerland identifies Uber drivers as employees, not as contractors The drivers from the Uber gives the passengers as a safer way to get domestic after a late night out, a problem-free way to get to the station, and to the markets, even it uses for delivery the orders from the restaurants or any other local businesses. When we log in as an Uber driver, we will be a liberated contractor and will get paid the amount by weekly. Uber has played a huge part in the guide the person in the on-demand of an economy, which is defined by the contract employees. The model is very different from what we are used to if we are used to being a salaried worker, and while it has a few disadvantage, driving for Uber also gives some unique opportunities. Even if an Uber driver is a businessman or a worker which affects a wide variety of the legislative areas. If the Swiss business laws apply, the workers have a basic correct thing to perform the agreement which is based on the work and the employer and they must accept such task and pay for it which known as the mutuality of the obligations analysis. Specific termination between the notice periods must be noticed and the holidays must be accepted and the salary compensation requests exist in cases of the illness or if any accident occurs. Public labor laws apply which including the staff brokerage and hire the legislation, as well as the Sunday they ban their so therefore, the compulsory provisions on daily bases and evening work and

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