Advantages And Disadvantages Of Urbanization

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“FGHI is a newly resettled urban colony in a big city in India. Most of the inhabitants were engaged in various informal economic sectors in their prior area of habitation. As they were made to resettle in a distant place located at the periphery of the city, many people got disengaged from their previous occupations. They are still searching for suitable employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. The new place not only lacks such avenues for meaningful employment, it also lacks most civic amenities” URBAN AREA is that place where the density of human population is higher and the human-built features are vast in number when compared to its surroundings. Cities, towns etc comes under the urban areas. Urban areas are created and developed through the process of urbanization. According the census of India 2011, the urban area is defined as: • The places which are well facilitated; like having municipal facilities, corporational facilities, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc. • An area having minimum population of 5,000. • At least 75% of the male population is engaged in the non agricultural working pursuits. • The density of the population is at least 400 persons per sq. Km. The resettlement does not bring anything but untold human misery. The people face cultural disruption and social alienation. Protests never help in such cases because the government won’t listen to the people. The resettlement will go ahead whatever happened, and if their help

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