Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cell Phones In School

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Do you think students should be able to use their cell phones during school hours? Yes, cell phones could help students, but even more ways that it is a disadvantage. A lot of school staffs have taken away student 's cell phones. Students go to school to learn, but they take advantage of their school time when they have a cell phone with them. So, some people believe that they should be able to use their phones at school. However, they should not use cell phones during school hours.

For one, cheating is something that a lot of students like to do when they have a cell phone. Having a cell phone during an exam is unacceptable because if someone cheats they could get caught. If they get caught cheating, it is most likely that the teacher
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Cyber-bullying is unquestionably common now days at school. Students who take their phone to school could take advantage of that time to cyber-bully a classmate through a text message, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, etc. By doing this the person who receives it would want to see what kind of notification they have received. If they see the message and it involves cyber-bullying they would most likely want to go home. If a student goes home, they could lose a class and will not be able to understand the school material. Take for example, a student received a message during class and it was related to cyber-bullying the student runs out of class to go to the restroom to call her parents. If their parent goes to their school to pick up the child she will not attend her next class or classes and that will not be good because the next day she goes back to school she will most likely not know what to do in the class she missed. That is why it is important that students do not take their phone to avoid being cyber-bullied at school and avoiding going home. Another circumstance, taking a phone to school and cyber-bullying another student can cause a lot of arguments and fights. For example, if a student cyber-bullies another student they will most likely get mad or scared, but if a student cyber-bullies someone who is not afraid to start a fight they…show more content…
Moreover, distraction can be a disadvantage. What this means is that if a student takes a phone to school and it is powered on they will most likely receive alerts or notifications. This can be a serious distraction to that student and everyone else around them. They could disturb anyone by showing them a text, video, call, etc. They interrupt class instructions and the teacher or professor, if they bring a phone. Disturbing someone else when the professor or teacher is teaching can make a student miss important information because of that. Take for example that a student has their phone out in the middle of class, and the teacher says, some important terms for a quiz the next day. The student without knowing shows another classmate whatever he/she is watching and they do not hear about the quiz. The next day both of the students are lost in thought and have no clue about what the quiz is about, as a result, both students most likely failed that quiz for not listening and for having a phone in the middle of class.

As a result, many people and students might think that having a phone can be good during school hours. However, they should not use phones during school hours. Taking a phone can cause students to cheat, cyber-bully, (a student or in some cases even a teacher) and it can be a serious distraction to everyone in the classroom. Students are taking too much advantage of cell phone use and that is just not right. It causes students to get lower grades,
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