Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cellphone In School

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Topic: Using cell phones in school: Should cell phones be banned in school? Title: Two Side of Coin, Two side of Cell Phone Written by: Jenjira Sunkool Sec4 A14120279 Two Side of Coin, Two Side of Cell Phone Will somebody going to die if one day they lack of their cell phone? I know someone will answer “YES!” In now a day, our society is unlimited. It likes our world had been minimized by internet connection into a small piece of electronic rectangle in our hands. Beside from four necessities things which are food, shelter, cloth and medicine that our lives need, there is one thing that we can’t deny to include. It is a “Cell Phone”. During this century, every person must have a cell phone as their necessities. In Thailand, the mobile subscribers have increased by 17 percent to 93.7 million mobile subscribers from last year. In those numbers of mobile subscribers, there are lots of numbers of children had included. We had heard lots of news about the terrible effects from cell phone addiction of children. They usually play games on cell phone. Sometimes, they pretend their cell phones as their best friends. They ignore everything around them because of their cell phones. They began to post everything on their social network via cell phone or they use a cell phone for their sexual purpose. Then the parents can’t control their kids even the kids are always in their eyes. The relationships with their family become estranged. The cell phone can also destroy our health. It is
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