Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Questionnaires

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Data can be collected in different ways but the best way to assess customer response, questionnaires and interviews are considered suitable.
Questionnaire is used when need to quickly and/or easily get lots of information from people in a nonthreatening way. There are some advantages of using questionnaires in research. It can complete namelessly. It is inexpensive to administer. It is easy to compare and analyze. It administers many people. It can help collect a huge amount of data. There are many sample questionnaires that already exist so it is does not take much time to design a questionnaire.
However, there are also disadvantages of using questionnaires. It might not get careful feedback. The wording can bias client 's responses. These are impersonal. In questionnaires, sampling expert may be needed. It doesn 't get the full story.
Interviews are used when want to fully understand someone 's impressions or experiences, or learn more about their answers to questionnaires. It can be very beneficial when used as a primary research data collection method. It gets full range and depth of information. It develops relationship with clients. It can be flexible with clients. But the drawbacks include that it can take much time. It can be hard to analyze and compare. It can be costly. The interviewer can bias client 's responses. b)
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