Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Virtual Communication

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Generally in our generation, big part of us lives through the development for the information technology. As you see the speed of IT development very fast, from nothing to now it only take 50 years. Based on this reason we called it Information Explosion Age. The main channel for people to communication has been changed from face to face communication to the virtual communication. More and more people use the cellphone IPad or other mobile devices to communication in the virtual world. But only a few of people know that the using of virtual communication also can be a dangerous activity. It can be a risk to our health and human right. First of all, frequent use of mobile devices will hurt our body physically. The radiation from the devices directly through our body it can give us damage. Mobile devices use electromagnetic fields to build a wireless communication with the nearest base station. We can use the cellphone to be the example. When people speak on cellphone, that phone will send out electromagnetic waves. When others listen on the cellphone, phone will catch electromagnetic waves and show them. The antenna of the cellphone located very close to our head, approximately 20-80% of the cell phone radiation from our mobile device’s antenna penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain or body. It will cause headaches, fatigue, leukemia and rare brain cancers. (Kshetrimayum, 2008) Additional studies have shown that people who sleep with the cellphone by the bed have
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