Advantage And Disadvantages Of V-Bottom Boat Design

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2.1.5 V-Bottom Boat Hull The V-bottom design has a sharp run to the keel which provides the boat a deeper draft and better stability. The disadvantage is it consumes more fuel as greater power is required for sailing. V-Bottom Boat Hull Design ( 2014) 2.1.6 Multi-Hull Boat Design Some boats have more than one hull. The main advantage of this design is the weight or the center of gravity of the water vessel is distributed evenly hence minimizing the boat's drag drastically. ������ � Multi-Hull Boat Design ( 2009) 2.2 Propeller Design A boat propeller transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. It consists of three or more blades and a boat prop spins around a central shaft to create dynamics similar…show more content…
Materials such as styrofoam, foam and aluminium sheet are the most common foundation of solar boat structure. These materials are chose to minimize the weight of solar boat as well as allowing the solar boat to float on the water. Styrofoam is primary material for our boat hull design. We chose to use it since it insulates well, buoyant and lightweight. Besides that, it also can be easily cut or torn to precise sizes and shapes, retains its shape when wet and is relatively inexpensive to purchase. Foam is chosen to design the solar deck, boat base and fasteners since it is very stiff and strong for a given mass. Moreover, it can absorb energy well when it is compressed. The most important concept in analyzing the mechanical behavior of foam is the distinction between a stretch and a bending dominated structure. Lastly, aluminium sheet is chosen to stop the motor from rotating by itself. 2.7 Hydroplaning Hydroplaning by the boat occurs when the hull shape is at high speed and the weight of the boat is supported by planning forces rather than simple buoyancy. The water they are on is used for lift rather than buoyancy, as well as for propulsion and steering. During high speed, the water is forced downwards by the bottom of the boat’s hull. The water therefore exerts an equal and opposite force upwards, lifting the vast majority of the hull out of the water. Thus, this process is known as planning and it happens at the surface of the

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