Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vacations

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Introduction It’s time for a vacation! Yes, visiting your grandparents, your parents and your friends and neighbours is something you can do next year. How about getting away from the stresses of life by going to an exotic resort, perhaps a trip to the Caribbean to enjoy its delicious cuisine while you laze around at the sandy beaches? No thanks. It’s time to take vacation to a whole new level – a level I call ‘crazy must do’ at least once in your life. If you’re looking for something simple, something in your comfort zone, like watching a movie or two, then this post isn’t for you. No seriously. You can’t have a weak heart if you plan to challenge your next vacation! Now you might be wondering, “What’s the need for these crazy adventures?” There’s a need – we’re taking life too seriously and we’ve got to stop doing that before time runs out. You know why? Life isn’t serious, it’s beautiful. People just take things too seriously and this is why sometimes it’s good to indulge in certain ‘types’ of adventures so when you return, you’ll never hear the phrase, “why so serious?” from life ever again! Ready? Begin! #1 – Swim with crocodiles in Australia Yeah and you thought I was kidding, right?! Crocosaurus Cove, which is conveniently located in the heart of Australia’s Darwin city, allows visitors a chance of a lifetime – to swim with Australia’s iconic saltwater crocodiles. Home to the famous Cage of Death, the Crocosaurus Cove will place you in a cage that brings you face to
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