Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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Electricity holds most importance in our lives and without it we cannot imagine our lives. In present time human lives are totally dependent on electricity. Most of the electricity is produced by source like coal i.e. in thermal power plants but producing electricity is not a thing, what matters is producing it without any environmental degradation and in less cost. We all heard an incident about government making strict laws regarding installment of electrostatic precipitators and standard height for chimneys because of the pollution being created by them and plus coal is a non renewable source of energy and is going to be exhausted after few years therefore many countries are advancing themselves in making the most use of renewable source…show more content…
Horizontal axis wind turbine.
In our project we are using vertical axis wind turbine.
The origin of winds is basically due to uneven heating of the earth’s surface due to sun. This may lead to circulation of wide spread winds on a global basis, producing planetary winds or may have a limited influence in a smaller area to cause local winds.
In our project we would be using mostly winds generated by fast moving vehicles on a highway and may be local winds and planetary winds in some special case (i.e. storm).
It is chosen due to the following advantages of this kind of turbine: No yawing mechanism is required because it can accept winds from all directions. The gearbox, generator etc. are located at the ground thus eliminating the nacelle and simplifying the design. Easy maintenance and inspection. Cost also gets reduced.
Some of the main factors are:
Wind speed
It is the most important factor because higher the speed easy is the rotation of turbine blades.
Tower height
In VAWT, the tower height is kept low to make use of most winds because at high heights the wind density reduces and cause trouble in rotation of turbine

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