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Uses/Applications of VR - Advantages of VR

Wherever that is too dangerous, expensive or impractical to do something, in reality, VR is the answer. From trainee fighter pilots to medical applications trainee surgeons, virtual reality allows us to take virtual risks in order to gain real-world experience.

4.1. Gaming
When people think of Virtual reality, the first thing that comes to their mind would be gaming and it has become very popular in the recent years amongst teenagers. VR allows the players to be more involved in the game as compared to the traditional gaming platform, it also highlights the emotional experience to an extent as VR makes the player feel as if their actions are responsible for a particular outcome.
Especially with
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Healthcare and Medicine
According to Torr (2017), Medical application with VR is getting more common worldwide. The industry is adopting the virtual reality in the recent years due to the VR advancement, application of virtual reality such as surgery simulation, augmented vision surgery and distance diagnosis etc. Figure 3. An example of augmented vision surgery (IMDA, 2017)

One of the advantages of VR in the Medical industry is that it allows healthcare professionals or trainees to experience hands-on, realistic 3D medical scenarios. They are able to practise their decision-making skills in an emergency situation with virtual patients in a safe environment. “The main value for VR training is that trainees can practise and hone skills in their own time and pace” (Ooi London Lucien, 2017).

An example of that is that the hospital will be able to create a whole virtual reality space that stimulates a large-scale accident with multiple casualties to allow trainees to experience multiple issues that need urgent and accurate triage

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