Advantages And Disadvantages Of WMP Cadres

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8. Problem Justification. As a remedial measure now this system requires stable criteria with regard to the allocating of military duties and responsibilities among WMP cadres to achieve effective and maximum efficiency to the organization. It is very much essential to plan, organize, control and lead properly in order to develop and maintain an outstanding, reputed military women force to compete with the challenges of global employment specifications in human resource management. An individual’s career suitability and progression is to be tested and marketed at the points of recruiting, promotion, training and retention to gain the maximum efficiency in the organizational productivity. Individual standards will undoubtedly contribute to effective organizational behaviour patterns in foremost aspects. Therefore the understanding on the effects of enhancing WMP job profiles is very important for SLCMP as well as for SL Army.

9. Defining Research Problem. Considering above research symptoms and problem justification the below research problem statement is developed by the researcher. “How the enhancing of employability opportunities of WMPs impact on the efficient productivity of the organization?”


10. WMP cadres in the regiment can be employed in to fields such as investigation duties, military police field duties, interrogations, solving disciplinary cases, clerical duties, drill instructor, detention barrack in charge and other duties
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