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Waste management is called the entire process that encompasses the necessary activities to take care of a waste. Waste management begins with the collection of the same, their transport to the prepared facilities and their intermediate or final treatment. This treatment can be used by the waste or its disposal. In recent years the interest for this activity to generate the lowest risk to health and the environment has increased. There are different types of solid waste, such as those generated in cities (domestic, residential, institutional or commercial), agricultural or industrial (productive sectors, industries, industrial estates, health, etc.). The main waste in top Kenyan cities is produced by human activity. It is considered as a hazardous industrial waste, due to its toxic or dangerous characteristics, due to a high concentration of risk, it requires a…show more content…
It also needs a high economic investment, since it requires a high contribution of external energy, since these residues have a rather low calorific value. Likewise, it is necessary to foresee the possible contamination derived from the combustion gases. 3. Recycling: Recycling is a process that aims to directly or indirectly recover certain components contained in the waste. It is based on the conservation of natural resources. This system supposes an appreciable reduction of the volume of waste to treat and, of course, favors the protection of the environment. The recycling can be carried out by direct recovery of the components present in the waste (by selective collection) or starting from the gross set, by crushing, screening, separation of the light fractions and classification of the rest by wet, electromagnetic, electrostatic and flotation by foams, for obtaining and purifying metals and glass. 4.

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