Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies

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The discussion about the negative effects of watching movies on television by teenagers In the past fifty years science and technology have been rapidly. One of the technologies that most people like especially the youths is the cinema. Cinema is now playing an important role in youth’s entertainment part (David & Barlow). According to the Oxford Dictionary (2009) define the term movie as a recorded sequence of film or video images displayed on a screen with sufficient rapidity as to create the illusion of motion and continuity. This essay will outline some of the negative information that most movies shows. It is believed that Morden TV and movies contains a large amount of bad information than the previously movies does. It leaves a strong negatives impact compare to…show more content…
Many of you may not find advantages and pointed out in the above paragraphs, the scale tips in the favour of disadvantages of movies. Film does more harm than good and the good here, cannot negated the bad, unlike in the movies. It does not mean that one should stop watching movies. Watch only few and forget the rest, there are much better things to do in life than spending time in overhyped and low quality movies. Some of the pros and cons of films are evident; people can see them all around them, but the negative points are not easily perceived, remain unpublicised and are therefore lesser known. The underlining point is that watches only quality movies, will have a positive effect on film makers. Porn and violent films are popular because there is a demand; if the demand ceases so will the supply. Government also need to take steps to discourage and eventually stop the production of movies which tend to corrupt. More importantly, a compulsory short feature should be show to educate the people of all ages about the truth and reality shown in

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