Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Tv

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Effective Watching TV 3

The Effective Watching TV Nowadays people must encounter a stress in day by day hence, they have how to reduce a stress such as reading books, playing games and watching TV. In the family of many people chose watching TV for relax and become to feel better. In some research tell about watching TV it can heal a person who is Major depressive disorder−the status disease that plenty of sadness and hopeless in life. (Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Television, Reelrundown, 2016) Moreover, many movie types make difference effect for body and mental. These is true that watching TV has many benefits, but not of all it still has cons effect. Watching the movie that a long time will danger for the eyes health, brain and mental. A teenager watching the movie while they stay in a dark room hence, the light doesn 't enough for watching. This behavior will be harmful to the eyes but this behavior is popular in around the world. ( Spiritual effects of television and movies, 2011) It
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Watching TV has both benefit and disadvantage for physic and mental then these are sensitive for some people. People must be careful because the effect of the movie is so strong for child or person who lacks of consciousness. For example; Porn movie reduce a stress but it is not suitable for a child. The family must focus in this movie of type because nowadays easily acres to the movie. However watching TV similar the tool for increase the relation in the family. And watching TV not only increase relations in family, but also it is a medicine for some illness from a mental. Moreover watching TV helps about relation because these is an easy activity that can do every day. The most of the importance of these is to divide a time that suitable. Watching TV should not spend a long time too and it isn 't short for benefit from watching
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