Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Pollution

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To begin in , as our Technology and development in the hole world of course we have the advantage and disadvantages also for this . The advantages may help us in our life and we can control it and use it as much as we can , but the advantages is hard to control it ! . But we can but some solutions to deal with any kind of problems and try to fix it as we can ! . In this essay I'm going to about the water pollution caused by factories. As a group we choose to write about the life below water , and we are going to talk about the problems that related to the water . My problem is how the factories affect the water , every one know that the factories is a good thing , there are a lot of factories produce a lot of production for us , and i can say…show more content…
The ecosystem is suffering from the water use in various industrial processes that comes from the toxic chemical and also from heavy metals and even the radioactive sludge, when they use these kind of mineral they polluted the water because it thrown into the ocean or maybe other water bodies without any treatment, so this process is bad and unhealthy for human and agricultural use ! . The second effect is really a horrible, believe it or not ! It can be on the water for many decades!! , the radioactive sludge at the bottom of the water bodies can remain a highly radioactive , so this process can lead to a serious health risk for people living nearby. Nuclear reactor is also a factor of the thermal pollution . Thermal pollution refers to increase the water temperature also ! . This increasing can effect the aquatic and marine life. For the effect of eutrophication its disturb the delicate balance of the ecosystem when its nutrient content of water underdogs changes

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