Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Transport

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introduction Transport is the process of moving from one place to another using a particular means to achieve this objective, both the transport of persons or goods. And water transport is about moving things on the water to other areas by using the water vehicles such as ships or watercraft or any other means of looking on the surface of the water. This essay speak about the advntage and disadvantage for water transport and diffrent types. Body 1 There are two types of water transport is Sea transport and river transport. Shipping is one of the oldest means of transport that use human-particularly by neighbouring water bodies (oceans, seas, lakes). The use of sailing ships, then the ships business with the beginning of the industrial revolution using Containers for maritime transport. The newly into ships going strong. oil and gas, then some of the strongly nuclear power.The role of Arab Muslims a race in the riding of the sea, building ships for the dissemination of Islamic religion to trade. It has helped them in their knowledge of astronomy and the use of the compass, mapping, and their ships cruising the Mediterranean, red, and Indian oceans and Atlantic and the Arabian Sea The…show more content…
As well as the interdependence between River Transport and land transport through the establishment of ports and processing, connect it to the road, and helps in increasing the flexibility of river transport in the process of transportation of goods and marketing. Therefore reduces the costs of river transport compared to road transport. The river transport in the Arab countries is marginal, so as to limit its rivers and the lack of its abundance and the presence of natural obstacles in the track. The rivers that could be suitable for navigation are the Tigris River in parts of the south, the River Nile in parts of the

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