Advantages And Disadvantages Of Waterfall

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The waterfall has several advantages as compared to it its disadvantages. One of the merits of waterfall development is that it is easy and straightforward to utilize and to understand. It works well for smaller projects where requirements are followed well. At each of the phases available in the model, there are deliverables and review process that is easy to manage due to the rigidity of the model. Besides, the design allows for managerial and departmentalization control where a scheme can be created with deadlines at each level of development, and the system can be developed through the development procedure. Every phase of the process of construction continues in a strict order without iterative or overlapping steps (Leffingwell & Widrig, 2000). 4.1.2 Disadvantages of Waterfall Model The shortcomings of waterfall model include a high amount of uncertainty and risks, and no working software is generated until late during the last stages of the process of development. Furthermore, it does not allow for much revision or reflection. Once the application is in its testing stage, it typically becomes very challenging to go back and make alterations to a section that was not thought well in the concept phase. 4.2 Process of System Design and Development The researcher utilized a design and development process that consisted of several stages with each step ending with a clear and distinct output. The steps followed are carried out as per the model discussed in section 4.1 of
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