Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wheelchair

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This system is one of the best innovations of normal electric wheelchairs. Wheelchair is used by the people who cannot walk due to physically handicapped persons and this wheelchair is normally controlled by users via joysticks so cannot satisfy the needs of handicapped person. This method was developed based on curvature of a hand shape contour. This method is performing five different hand and head gestures control like as: forward & reverse, left & right. Normally, electric-power wheelchair in few functions are available but in our system we can include hand or head gesture recognition by using acceleration technology and android mobile application for control the wheelchair. Keyword: Wheelchair, Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)…show more content…
VII. APPLICATIONS 1. In medical hospitals for patients. 2. Health care centers. 3. Old age home. 4. Physically handicapped individuals. 5. Automatic alerting and detection of obstacles using infrared and ultrasonic sensor. VIII. OBJECTIVES & FUTURE SCOPES 1. We can make a wheelchair which can be operated by a wireless remote. Output signal of sensor can be sent through wireless transmitter circuit and can be received at receiver circuit of wheelchair. So wireless operation can reduce wiring arrangements. 2. Instead of using acceleration motion (Hand movement), In future, we would be able to use eye retina using optical sensor to move wheelchair in different direction. Using eye retina movement, we would be able to drive a wheelchair. 3. Researchers are going on development of wheelchair using nervous system of human. IX. CONCLUSION In this topic, various methodologies have been analyzed and reviewed with their advantages and disadvantages under various operational and functional strategies. This paper is useful to control the wheelchair of handicapped disabled persons using hand gesture and android mobile. New improvements can be made by using various body gestures such as head movement, eye gaze and leg

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