Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wigs

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Wigs can work wonders for those with medical hair loss. If you have lost hair because you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, you can get a wig until your treatment is complete and your hair grows back again. When you wear a wig, you feel more confident and beautiful. People, who have thin hair or suffer from exzema dermatitis, can use wigs to look comfortable in their social circle. Today, wigs are very different from the heavy and uncomfortable wigs from the past. They are comfortable, lightweight, realistic, and painless to wear. Even though modern wigs have several advantages, you could face some problems when you wear them. Here is the experience of Countess Vaughn who wore wigs regularly: Her experience clearly shows that wearing wigs does have some nasty side effects. Here are some possible problems you could face when you wear wigs: Headaches If the wig is not worn properly, it can cause headaches. At times, wigs that don 't fit properly can put pressure on certain areas of the head which can cause frequent headaches. This is not a major problem and can be easily avoided by loosening the wig cap or changing the wig. Hair Loss Another common problem associated with wearing wigs is that they can damage your hair. To avoid this problem, you must clean and condition your hair regularly. Secondly, take time to position you hair and wig. If you simply jam your hair under the wig, it will make your hair weak and increase the risk of breakage. Prevents Hair Growth

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