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Abstract— Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electrical power, wind mills for mechanical power,, wind pumps for water pumping or drainage, or sails to propel ships. Wind power, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and uses little land. The effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources, with the sole exception being wind powers disproportionate effects on vulnerable to extinction avian wildlife, such as that observed with golden eagle and endangered raptor species.

Index Terms—Wind Turbine, Wildlife, Inner Cone, Compression,
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In this section, the design of the wind turbine is explained. This device features an Inner Compression Cone Technology, which will squeeze and compress the incoming air in order to create more power in the turbine. Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine completely eliminates the three massive blades seen on most wind turbines. The blades are internal, closer together and smaller. Therefore eliminating the sound, the traditional blades make as they spin and swoop past a tower.

Inner compression cone technology squeezes the incoming air and compresses it to more than 4 times the pressure. The compressed air then collides with the static wheel which has blade on its rim.

The blade re-directs the air into dynamic wheel which has blade placed exactly opposite to the previous blade structure. This causes the wheel to rotate in the shaft producing mechanical energy. The generator is connected in the other end of the shaft which generates
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The pressure of air increases as it enters the duct and the speed of the rotating blade increases producing electricity in the generator.


In accordance with the AWT, a novel and useful wind power apparatus usable on a variety of surfaces is herein provided. The apparatus of the AWT utilizes an anchor rotatably fixed to the surface of the ground. The anchor is generally upright and is not intended to be movable relative to an axis in the present application. The anchor preferably includes portions which rotate about the axis of the anchor to allow it to rotate as needed. A chute is also employed in the AWT and is linked to the anchor by a connector.

The chute possesses a chamber which allows the passage of the wind from the chute entrance to the chute exit. The chute may be constructed of relatively light weight and flexible material, such as coated cloth and the like. The chute connector may include a series of lines which are fixed to the anchor and are preferably of equal length. The chute may take a form of a truncated cone, a cylinder, and the

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