Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Technology

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5TH Generation wireless network: Scenarios and Research Challenges
The world as of now, is growing and striving for better tomorrow, development for safer and smarter life, with communication being indispensible part of it needs to be able to go beyond just human interaction to machine communication. mobiles , smart phones and many more devices are manufactured to make life easier and safer, it is estimated that there will be about 50 billion connected devices by 2020[1]. The system o f networks and how they interact with each other is the heart of device communication. The Emergence of 3G and recent 4G has lead people to more exposure of data ,flow of information and a border aspect of device communication. The 4th generation wireless communication systems have been deployed or soon to be deployed in many countries. Future wireless systems are applied in uplifting its uses in Education, Industry, economy, agriculture and etc. Essential services such as e-banking, e-learning and e-health will continue to proliferate and become more mobile or device oriented.
There are many challenges that are faced by today’s 4G network. the smarter applications will impose additional and very diverse requirements on mobile and wireless communication systems that 5G will have to support[1]:
 Far more stringent latency and reliability requirements are expected to be necessary to support applications related to healthcare, security, logistics, automotive

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